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This bone straight highlight lace frontal wig is a must have look sleek, fierce and all the way glamorous. Pre-plucked to perfection for a natural hairline - making it ready to wear, the Athena unit will definitely elevate your look to that next level. 


-Lace: 13x4


-Extremely soft and the next best thing to human hair quality

-Synthetic lace front

-Hair type: straight

-Lace: transparent lace

-100% heat resistant

-Fastening: 4 wig combs with adjustable straps

-Inches: 24”

-Includes: 2 wig caps

-Size of cap: Medium 

-Density: 180%

-Hair part: free part, can part left, right or middle. 

How to take care of your wig

  • Always handle your wig gently and with care
  • When brushing we recommend brushing from the ends to the roots with a wide tooth comb
  • Use shampoo and wig care products specifically made for the wig fibres. (Creme of nature moisture and shine argon oil shampoo is highly recommended.)
  • Air dry your wig by hanging it loosely on a wig stand.
  • Use spray conditioner to maintain the softness and the silkiness of the wig - we recommend the Mane and Tale spray with the mobility of the fibre. The spray will also help restore the original style pattern of the wig.
  • It is advised to use temperatures up to 180 degrees when using heat tools on your wig.
  • If sleeping in the wig, please make sure you sleep in 2 large twists and put it in a bun with a bonnet over the wig - this ensures the wig remains silky and soft.


Following these wig care tips is easy! It will help to extend the life of your wig and keep you looking fabulous.

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